FOSS Sustainability


Overview of FOSS/Open Source Sustainability and Pay The Maintainers movements.

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The Software Ecosystem

The entire ecosystem of human computing.

Relationships With Other Aspects

Timescale aspect changes: long,
Scope of aspect: large,
Relationship with other aspects: maintainer, foundation, software-company, standards, user,

A main objective of this work is ensuring that we can efficiently maintain all the software that makes the modern world run for the long term. Ecosystem stability is a top goal: can we make open source models and various software practices more efficient in how they keep computers running, and to a degree, continue to be an innovation engine.

Sustainability Questions

How do we discuss “keep computers working efficiently” in ways that appeals to each aspect? What’s in this work for me, the maintainer; or me, the VC company looking for profit? Why does the average company even care about this stuff; they just hire someone to keep the servers running as a cost of business.

How do we balance the overall security and stability of software (i.e. secure and easy to fix & update supply chains) with the social and economic goals of paying the maintainers, and showing profitable business models that also respect those maintainers?

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