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Overview of FOSS/Open Source Sustainability and Pay The Maintainers movements.

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Project Management Committees

PMCs are communities of volunteers in charge of a FOSS project.

Relationships With Other Aspects

Many projects at foundations and some independent projects have Project Management Committees (PMC) or Technical Steering Committee groups. These groups are documented and recognized as being in charge of project direction and major technical decisions, as well as deciding who gets to join the PMC or body of committers.

Most aspects of Maintainers apply to PMCs; however the emphasis here is on the collective ownership of responsibility as a whole group or committee. The individuals are typically less important in perception than the group as a whole, which is often expected to change over time. Also, Maintainers are purely self-organized; PMCs are more often organized under a foundation or software company.

Sustainability Questions

Are there ways to approach individual PMCs about sustainability topics that can help influence their foundations?

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